Choiseul Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

Online Banking


Board of Directors



Gilroy Satney President
Konnon Stanislaus Vice President
Marva Jonas Secretary
Vincent Williams Assistant Secretary
Nigel Mitchel Treasurer
Jenny Alcide James Assistant Treasurer
Delphina Jn Baptiste Public Relations Officer

 Credit Committee



   Charlean Charlery - Chairperson

   Jenne Augustin

   Richardson Jn Baptiste

   Celsus Henry

   Elmira Joseph


  Supervisory Committee



   Davidson Lionel- Chairperson

   Shakiner Johnny

   Mac Arthur Phillip

   Adahra Charles

   Sansha Joseph



  Education Committee



   Christopher Combie

   Nigel Mitchel

   Valencia Charlery

   Anika Jean

   Delphina Jn Baptiste

   Konnon Stanislaus


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